Valley School District


Valley Early Learning Center

Valley Early Learning Center provides year-round care and educational programming to families with children one year to 12 years old in a fun and nurturing environment, where children are encouraged to learn and grow to the best of their potential. Aligning with state early learning guidelines, VELC uses strategies that focus on strengths, encouraging a child’s natural curiosity and building on what he/she already knows. Valley Preschool engages children ages 3 and 4 in an educational setting that fosters school readiness skills. VELC childcare services includes before- and after-school care. Special services and the Early Childhood Education and Assistance Program (ECEAP) are also available.

Valley School

Valley school is a K-8 school located in scenic Valley, Washington. Throughout its long and esteemed history, the Valley School has provided area students with the highest standard of education and has worked, and will continue to work, closely with families and the community. In operation since 1884, the Valley School honors its fine academic history with an innovative approach using the Core Knowledge curriculum and an intervention support system that works with each student’s needs.

Paideia High School

Paideia High School is a multi-district, innovative public school program that provides a rewarding and unique educational opportunity. Paideia’s distinctive program, which is based on reforms detailed by the Paideia Group, helps students develop their knowledge base, intellectual skills, and understanding so they can begin the journey to becoming well-educated citizens and lifelong learners. Paideia High School was made possible by ESHB 2913, a bill which allows two or more non-high school districts to form an interdistrict cooperative high school. Paideia allows high school students to enroll in a program that is theme-focused, multifaceted, accelerated and creative.

Columbia Virtual Academy

Columbia Virtual Academy (CVA) offers an alternative approach to educating students through a partnership of Washington public school districts. With the guidance and expertise of a Washington State Certified teacher, each student’s learning plan is tailored to his or her unique learning style and needs. The CVA Course Catalog offers quality curriculum resources that are delivered to each enrolled student’s door and a full line-up of quality online courses. CVA’s personalized approach provides the flexibility to accommodate diverse family circumstances, and ensure quality while meeting state educational standards.

Additional information about enrollment options and programs available to students in Washington is accessible in the Learning By Choice guide offered by the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction.