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District Vision & Strategic Plan

A Journey to Excellence

“Where every student becomes a lifelong learner”

The Valley School District Board of Directors formalized the district vision statement, “Where every student becomes a lifelong learner,” in 2021, completing two years of imagineering, analyzing, and planning in collaboration with the District Leadership Team to focus district improvement efforts.

The Board’s vision fosters a school culture where every student feels safe and connected through positive relationships, and therefore opens to the joy of learning. Meetings with students, staff, parents/guardians, and community members helped identify the needs, challenges and dreams for the future of Valley School District. This work led to the development of the five-year Strategic Plan, which details specific goals and objectives for cultivating, expanding and enriching VSD educational programs and student support services. 

School Board President Bill Wilson explains, “The development and details of the Strategic Plan reflects that the district is working diligently to provide an environment where all students have room to grow developmentally, personally and academically” into their unique selves.

In the 2023–2028 Strategic Plan, four essential operational ‘guideposts’ reflect the priority of embracing our students and supporting each one to succeed as a lifelong learner.

Multi-colored table listing Valley School District Strategic Plan / 2023-24 initiatives

Culture of Belonging
Developing whole-child environments where everyone feels affirmed, welcomed, and inspired to pursue excellence.

Engagement and Enrichment
Preparing students with the mindsets, skills, and knowledge they need to achieve in technical education, college, and
career/life goals through honoring their strengths and experiences.

Seamless, Effective and Relevant Teaching and Learning
Creating equitable access to personalized teaching and learning. 

Innovative Organizational Systems
Ensuring that all aspects of our school system are aligned
and moving together.



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Join us on this Journey to Excellence as we fully engage and grow!
We welcome family and community input and involvement in the ongoing initiatives of the 2023-2028 Strategic Plan.