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Referrals & Child Find Services

Referral for Evaluation/Special Education Services

If, at any time, you believe your student may need special education, please contact your student’s teacher, special education staff, school psychologist, or principal to discuss your concerns. You can also contact the special education secretary to submit a request for a student evaluation for special education services.

‘Child Find’ Screening

The district conducts Child Find activities for the purpose of locating, evaluating and identifying children residing within district boundaries with a suspected disability who are not currently receiving special education and related services. Early identification and intervention helps children become more independent and achieve at higher levels.

Are you worried about your child’s development?

  • Does your child have a medical disorder or birth defect that interferes with their development?
  • Does the child seem to have hearing or vision issues?
  • Does your child have difficulty communicating with people outside the family?
  • Does your child have difficulty keeping up with other children their age?
  • Does your child have issues learning when they are experiencing social-emotional difficulties?

Any child, birth to age five, whose family or caregivers would like more information about their child’s development can contact Valley School District to receive a Free Child Find Screening.

The purpose of a Child Find Screening is to identify issues that may affect your child’s learning, growth, and development and to help parents identify their child’s strengths and weaknesses.

  • During the screening, your child may stack small blocks, cut with scissors, draw, count, name colors, jump, and have fun!
  • After the screening, someone will talk to you about the results and you may be given suggestions, a referral for more testing, or be scheduled to have skills rechecked later.
  • You will have the chance to ask any questions about your child’s development. The whole process takes about 45 minutes.

For more information and to schedule a screening, contact:
Valley School District Special Services (509) 937-2616  |

If your family is living in a temporary situation, you may contact the district where you are staying to attend a screening.

  • Early identification and intervention help children become more independent and achieve at higher levels.
  • Individuals from birth to age 21 may be screened and eligible for services.
  • Families experiencing homelessness, with low income, providing foster care, or with children with developmental delay or disability, including speech difficulties, may qualify for preschool services at no cost.