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Food Service Resources

Food Service Resources

No-Cost Meals Served to All Students

Valley School District is utilizing a USDA option, the Community Eligibility Provision (CEP), to offer meals each school day at no charge to all students.

Adults will be charged standard fees for meals:   Breakfast - $2.95   Lunch - $4.95

Valley School District executes a “no-charge policy” for staff, students, and visitors. Meal fees must be paid in advance of service, including second meals and à l carte items requested by students or staff. If a student does not have a sufficient pre-paid meal account balance or funds to purchase a second meal or additional meal component as requested, the extra meal items will not be provided. 

Special Dietary Needs

Reasonable modifications to school meals are available for students with unusual nutritional needs due to food allergies or serious health conditions. Feel free to discuss dietary limitations with school staff to see if your student’s needs can be accommodated.

To request and initiate meal modifications, complete and submit a Diet Prescription for Meals at School form (link below) at the school office. This form must be completed by a licensed healthcare practitioner and returned to the school before the food service staff can modify your student’s meals. In some cases, family or religious preferences mean some students will choose to forego certain portions of their meals. 

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