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Promoting Citizenship & Cooperation

The Associated Student Body (ASB) group is organized at Valley School to promote good citizenship and cooperation, and encourage high standards of scholarship and school pride. The students selected for ASB Student Council gain valuable training and experience in leadership, personal responsibility, and methods of democratic governing through collaboration and representation of their peers.

The current Advisor is Principal Assistant Mr. Kenny Rindlisbacher 


President                                           8th Grade Representatives (2)
Vice President                                    7th Grade Representatives (2)
Secretary                                           6th Grade Representatives (2)
Treasurer                                           Sergeant at Arms

Click here to view: Constitution and Bylaws


ASB members dedicate three lunch/recess breaks a month for work meetings, plus an additional two-hour period each month for leadership development. These activities, led by the Faculty Advisor, help build group trust, cooperation and communication skills. The group also engages in regional trainings with ASB members from area schools, and an occasional day-long retreat for teamwork and individual character-building challenges. 

The ASB group plans and organizes the annual school Fund Run, which involves class and individual competitions in fundraising through community pledges and donations. Monies raised support extracurricular school activities and supportive materials. The group also sponsors a community service project to raise awareness of food insecurity by collecting hundreds of pounds of food for the Valley Food Pantry.

School pride and citizenship are promoted by periodic ASB activities, such as school dances, various contests, spirit weeks/promotions, and physical challenges to get students moving and involved (games, obstacle course, scavenger hunt, etc.).