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School Delays & Closures

Guidance for Inclement Weather or Emergency Situations

The safety of students and staff is a top priority at Valley School District, especially during times of inclement weather. The decision to delay the start of school or close school for the day is made by the Superintendent and the VLTC Transportation Supervisor after consulting weather advisories, neighboring districts, and county road crews about current road conditions and upcoming weather.

Once the decision is made for a delayed start or to close school for the day, the district notification system is used to alert parents, staff, and Spokane news stations (KHQ Channel 6, KXLY Channel 4, KREM Channel 2/3). The district will communicate using phone calls, text messages, email messages, school Facebook posts and notices on the district/school websites and Parent App. *Review Procedure 6601P3-School Delays/Closures/Early Releases Due to Weather

Late Starts

If a 2-Hour Late Start is called the buses will run two (2) hours late and breakfast will not be served.
     School will start at 10:30 a.m. for:  Paideia High School
     School will start at 10:35 a.m. for:  ECEAP; Transitional Kindergarten; Valley K-8 School


Late Starts on Mondays

There may be times that a delayed start is called on a regularly scheduled Monday Late Start day. On those days, buses will run one (1) hour late and breakfast will not be served.
     School will start at 10:30 a.m. for:  Paideia High School
     School will start at 10:35 a.m. for:  ECEAP; Transitional Kindergarten; Valley K-8 School



If a School Closure is called, all schools will be closed for the day. Missed school days must be made up and will be rescheduled later in the school year.


  • In all late start or school closure scenarios, the VELC Director will notify families whether childcare services are open, open late, or closed for the day.
  • Also, VL Transport Center provides transportation services throughout many local districts, and Valley SD bus schedules may or may not align with neighboring school district schedules due to variable weather and road conditions in the region. Families should stay informed of all local school schedules and be prepared to transport students when neighboring school/bus schedules vary for late starts or school closures. 


If you are uncertain about a late start or school closure, be sure to check:

  • Valley School District website homepage at
  • Phone messages (or missed call) from the District Office at (509) 937-2791
  • Spokane News Stations: KREM Channel 2 or 3; KXLY Channel 4; KHQ Channel 6
  • Schools’ Facebook

Or you may call your child’s school office:

  • Valley Early Learning: (509) 937-2630
  • Valley K-8: (509) 937-2413
  • Paideia High School: (509) 937-2655