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Transportation Supervisor

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A Message from the Supervisor

The VL Transport Center is committed to providing all of our students with the best of care during their time with us each day. We believe the school bus is an extension of the classroom. Each driver maintains high professional standards and positive student relationships to help prepare the students in our care for a successful learning experience.

We pride ourselves on providing timely and efficient service to our parents and their children with top-quality vehicles that are maintained to the highest standards. Did you know the school bus is 188 times safer than your personal car? That is because certain safety features are built into each school bus that all other forms of transportation do not have. Sending your students to school on the school bus also reduces traffic on the roadways and at the school sites.

We know you share our concern for the safety of the children who ride our buses. We employ certified and highly skilled drivers that are certified with 24 hours of training by state certified instructors, as well as ongoing driver monitoring and retraining each year. We also have cameras on all the busses to ensure a bully free and safe environment for our children.

Annette Wisener
Transportation Supervisor
(509) 937-2803