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Assisting Students & Families

What do school counselors do?

  • May meet with new students individually and check in with their parents and teachers as needed throughout the year to monitor their adjustment.
  • Work with school staff to identify, address and monitor student needs.
  • Conference with parents.
  • Provide classroom guidance regarding social and emotional development, communication skills, conflict resolution skills or friendship skills.
  • Facilitate a full range of small group opportunities to address social and emotional needs.
  • Provide short-term individual, group, or family counseling.
  • Help families get connected with community resources and outside professionals as needed.

When should you speak to the school counselor?

  • When something is happening in your family that may affect your child's school performance.
  • If you need support, information or counseling related resources.
  • If you need staff (counselors, teachers, etc.) to be watchful of your child for any particular reason and/or you need feedback about your child while they are at school.
  • You should expect a phone call from the counselor if concerns about your child are repeatedly brought to the counselor's attention, or if the counselor has contact with your child regarding a concern that requires parental help or involvement.

What does confidentiality mean?

Confidentiality means that information exchanged in a counseling session is kept private or confidential unless released by parent or student permission. School counselors are required to follow ethical and legal guidelines in maintaining confidentiality. For the safety and well-being of children, limits to confidentiality include the occasional need to consult with a child's teacher or school administrator; or the need to report to the proper authorities if a student discloses that he or she is being harmed, has harmed, or is planning to do harm to him/herself or someone else.

If you have questions or concerns regarding your child or family, please feel free to contact the counselor for your school:

  • VALLEY K-8 SCHOOL: (509) 937-2696
  • PAIDEIA HIGH SCHOOL: (509) 937-2655
  • COLUMBIA VIRTUAL ACADEMY: (509) 563-4679 or (509) 563-2553