Childcare Availability

Childcare Availability

Governor Inslee has directed schools to provide childcare to health service personnel and first responders, if you fall into either of these two categories, have students currently enrolled in Valley School District ages 3-13, and need childcare during the closure, please contact Candace Harris at 937-2638 to complete an intake.

Please know that we will do our very best to provide care to all eligible families, as long as we are able to do so. Please utilize alternate childcare options and consider this school option as a last resort. Our target date to contact you to let you know when we can start services is in the afternoon on Monday, March 23rd.

Who is a First Responder?

Those working in law enforcement, as a paramedic, or the fire department.

Who is an eligible health service worker?

Those working for a facility that provides medical care (including at nursing homes/assisted living facilities) a doctor’s office, or a hospital.