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March 23, 2020 Extended School Closure Update

Updates for today:

  • Valley School District (VSD) in consultation with the Northeast Tri County Health District and Health Officer, closed the Valley School K-8 building and the Valley Early Learning Center (VELC) last Friday. Both buildings were cleaned and sanitized over the weekend. Kraig Kalisch, VSD’s Facility Supervisor, describes the process, “The Valley School District disinfecting protocol for any area that may have had potential for exposure to the virus includes double disinfecting those spaces. The first pass is referred to as a ‘super disinfecting’ where all surfaces are wiped down or misted with a strong disinfectant.  The next protocol is to come in and hit the horizontal surfaces along with all touch points a second time for extra insurance.” In a coordinated effort between VSD, Northeast Tri County Health (NETCHD) and the Health Officer, the Valley School K-8 Building is open and the food service program will begin operating tomorrow. VELC is planning on opening next Monday. Thank you to NETCHD for the collaborative effort to keep safety as the number one priority moving forward and our incredible facility staff that cleaned and disinfected!
  • Tomorrow the Valley School Bus Loop will be serving breakfast/lunch meals from 9:00-11:00 am.
  • We have compiled the meal service phone call survey and starting tomorrow will be using district vehicles on three routes to bring meals to students’ homes. Families will be contacted and given an estimated delivery time (please flexible as it is our first day trying this).
  • If you are a family who needs a meal service for school-age children, and did not get called in the phone survey, please call us at 509-937-4021 for support.

In these challenging times I find myself reflecting on the quote, “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” I’m also finding that some single steps are more challenging than others, however, the most important part is to keep making progress. Take care!

Ben Ferney, Superintendent