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The safety of students and staff is a top priority at Valley School District. During times of inclement weather, the decision to close or delay the start of school is made by the Superintendent after consulting with transportation staff, neighboring districts and weather services.


Once the decision is made, the emergency notification system is used to alert parents, staff and Spokane news stations. Valley School District will communicate using phone calls, text messages, email messages, Facebook posts and notices on the Valley School District website.


If a 2-hour late start is called school will start at 10:40 am for Valley Early Learning Center (VELC), Valley K8 and Paideia High School. The buses will run two (2) hours late and breakfast will not be served.


There may be times that a 2-hour delay is called on a regularly scheduled late start day (Monday). On those days school will start at 10:40 am. VELC and Valley K-8 will start one (1) hour late and Paideia High School will start two (2) hours later than the regular Monday schedule. Buses will arrive at a later time, and breakfast will not be served.


If a closure is called, all schools will be closed. The VELC Director will notify families as to whether childcare is open or closed.


If you are uncertain about a late start or school closure be sure to check -

  • Valley School District Facebook
  • Valley School District Website homepage
  • phone messages (or missed call) from the district office
  • Spokane News Stations: KXLY, KHQ, or KREM

Or you may call the school office:

  • VELC 937-2638
  • Valley K8  937-2413
  • Paideia High School   937-2655