Valley School District

Maintenance and Operation Levy

For more than 30 years, the Valley community has supported their schools by approving the Maintenance and Operation (M&O) levy. The Valley School District’s M&O levy is one of the lower rates in the region, both when measured against other districts in the county compared to the county average and when compared to districts with similar property values in the state.

What is a M&O levy?

The M&O levy is a way for our community to provide support for basic education. This helps to enhance a well-rounded education for our students. 255 school districts in Washington State are currently collecting funds from maintenance and operations levies.

What does the levy fund?

The M&0 levy provides support in nearly every area of student's day-to-day education. It helps pay for things the state does not fully fund, such as maintenance and operations, art and music programs, technology and school sports.

You may be exempt

Senior and disabled citizens who meet certain income requirements may be exempt from part or all of local school levy taxes. For more information, or to find out if you qualify for a property tax exemption, please contact the Stevens County Assessor's Office at (509) 684-6161.

Current Four-Year Replacement Levy

Collection Year Maximum Levy Amount* Estimated Tax Rate
2016 $152,000 $1.20/$1000
2017 $152,000 $1.19/$1000
2018 $152,000 $1.19/$1000
2019 $152,000 $1.18/$1000

*Levy amounts do not change. The estimated tax rates could change if assessed property values change more or less than estimates.