• Records Request

    COVID-19 Emergency Response Conditions Implemented

    Effective until further notice.
    Washington Governor Jay Inslee released Proclamation 20-28 on March 24th, temporarily suspending certain portions of the Public Records Act that direct school districts to provide the public with an option to conduct Public Records business and inspect records in-person at the district.

    • Valley School District will accept and respond to Public Records Requests during this time.
    • Proclamation 20-28 suspends the required five-day initial response time by the district. Valley School District will confirm receipt of a Public Records Request as soon as possible and thereafter provide the requestor with an anticipated timeline and method for release of records based on the nature of the request.

    For the most timely and efficient response, requests for school district records should be directed in writing to the Superintendent, or designee, who serves as the District Public Records Officer and whose responsibilities include being a point of contact for members of the public in this process and overseeing the district’s compliance with the Washington Public Records Act, Chapter 42.56 RCW, and district policy.

    Request Form

    A printed copy of this form can be requested by calling (509) 937-2791 or emailing publicrecordsofficer@valleysd.org. Please include a mailing address if you prefer to have the form mailed to you. You may also send us your own written request. Make sure to include your contact information (email addresses are helpful) and detailed information of the records you are seeking.

    Submitting Your Request


    Public Records Officer
    Valley School District
    3030 Huffman Road
    Valley, WA 99181

    In Person
    Valley School District
    District Office
    3030 Huffman Road
    Valley, WA 99181
    (509) 937-2791


    Attn: Public Records Officer

    After We Receive Your Request

    Within five business days of receiving a public record request, the Valley School District will:

    1. Provide access to the record; or
    2. Acknowledge that the district has received the request and provide a reasonable estimate of the time the district will require to respond to the request; or
    3. Seek clarification of the request; or
    4. Deny the public record request with a written statement as to why it is being withheld and a citation of the specific exemption (RCW) that applies.

    In that event that the request is unclear, the district will contact the requestor within five days to clarify the intent of the request. Once clarified, the district will respond in accordance with the guidelines stated above. If the requestor fails to clarify the request, the district may consider the request closed.

    No request will be denied solely on the basis that the request is overbroad.

    If the record which is requested for inspection and/or copying contains both information exempted from disclosure and nonexempt information, the district will produce as much of the record as possible, with the exempt portion redacted, and will provide a written explanation for the redaction.


    Public records will be available for inspection and copying during the district’s customary office hours, Monday-Friday, 8:30 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. There is no cost to view records.

    After inspection is complete, the Public Records Officer or designee will make the requested copies or arrange for copying. The copying rate per page, as established by the district and which may vary from time to time, is available at the district administrative office. The district may also charge for actual costs of postage, including the cost of the packaging or mailing supplies, as required for fulfillment of the request. Full payment must be made by cash, check, or money order, and is due prior to the release of any copied records. For copying requests in which total fees (applicable per page rate plus the cost of postage and shipping supplies) are estimated to exceed $25.00, payment must be received in advance to initiate copying and/or mailing services.