• Public Works Projects

    Small Works Roster

    Contractors desiring to be notified about upcoming facility improvement projects and work opportunities (estimated to cost less than $350,000) are welcome to submit an application to be placed on Valley School District's Small Works Roster. Contractors qualifying for a project award will meet the following criteria:

    • Be registered/licensed in the State of Washington
    • Be a Responsible Bidder in compliance with RCW 39.04.350
    • Be able to provide Bond if required 
    • Pay Prevailing Wage Rates
    • Comply with federal, state and local laws regarding non-discrimination and affirmative action

    SWR Application:  6220F1-Small Works Roster Application

    Applications may be submitted in person or by U.S. mail, email or FAX to:

    Valley School District
    Attn: Small Works Roster Coordinator
    3030 Huffman Road
    Valley, WA 99181

    FAX: (509) 937-2691
    Annette Wisener
    Transportation & Facilities Secretary
    (509) 937-4021
    (509) 937-2767

    Project Awards and Bid Summaries available; please call (509) 937-2767.