• Assisting Students Experiencing Homelessness

    McKinney-Vento Homeless Education Act

    If your family lost permanent housing and now live in a temporary shelter, inadequate housing and/or lack a fixed, regular nighttime residence, your children might be able to receive help through a federal law called the McKinney-Vento Homeless Education Act.

    Under this Act, children and unaccompanied youth in homeless situations have the right to:

    • Receive a free, appropriate public education.
    • Immediate enrollment in the school of choice (even if they are missing a permanent address, required records or documents), and the ability to attend classes while the school gathers needed documents.
    • Receive free meals at school and transportation assistance.
    • Receive educational services comparable to those provided to other students, in accord with student needs. 

    Assisting Children in Need

    For assistance and more information about how you and the school can work together to provide the support your child needs to be successful, contact the Valley School District Homeless Liaison:

    Taylor Holden, Counselor; (509) 937-2696; or by email at Taylor.Holden@valleyk8.org

    If you discover indications that a child or unaccompanied youth is homeless, we encourage you to submit the following form to the school or District Administrative Office:

    Additional assistance and resources are available at:
    Washington State Homeless Education
    Melinda Dyer, Coordinator
    (360) 725-6050
    National Center for Homeless Education

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