• District and School "Report Card" Information Available

    The Washington State Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI) website provides district and school level performance data and statistics about assessments and student achievement, student engagement and growth, enrollment, student populations, graduation rates, teachers and classroom sizes. This data is collected each year from all districts in the state and is available online at:


    To find your child's school data, type in the name of the school in the box on the left of the OSPI Report Card homepage to activate the drop-down menu. Scroll down to find and select the school/district name from the list, and then click "GO." Once you are viewing the School or District Report Card page, you can select specific data measures for additional details. 

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  • District Profile


    The Valley School District exists to improve the lives of children and families. This purpose focuses on both the present and the future. In the present, we provide learning experiences and services that are responsive to needs, engaging, supportive and safe. In the future, lives are improved through the positive skills, competencies and attitudes our students will apply in their homes, work places and communities.

    All Valley School District staff have essential roles in realizing our collective purpose. Whether on the school bus or in the classroom, in the kitchen or in the boardroom, we are all constantly seeking to improve the lives of those we serve.


    The mission of the Valley School District is to provide a positive educational experience, which will assist all students in developing skills, competencies, and attitudes, which are fundamental to being a contributing and responsible citizen.


    As we move through each school year, we continue to focus on developing the strengths of our students and staff. One of the most important foundations for developing the strengths of a group of people is to agree on the values that matter most. In 2014-15, our entire school district staff contributed to identifying a set of ethical and operating principles to which we have all committed. In 2015-16, the entire school district staff collaborated on developing the following definitions for our principles.

    We believe that by living these principles and developing them in our students, our schools will be strong and contribute to improving the lives of the students and families in our community.

    Ethical Principles
     Student Centered  Focusing on the unique needs, interests and aspirations of each student.
     Family Oriented  Respecting families as students’ first and most important teachers and partnering with families to improve student success.
     Respect  Honoring and recognizing the dignity of the people we interact with by communicating directly and honestly- listening attentively, actively exploring ideas and viewpoints to build consensus and acting upon that consensus.
     Positivity  A contagious attitude that encourages people to work together, increase efficiency, promote overall success and ensure individuals feel valued.
     Integrity  Demonstrating moral and ethical judgement and action which produce good character traits, confidence and makes us the best we can be.
     Trust  Relying on each other’s character, abilities, strengths and honesty.
    Operating Principles
     Communication  Openly sharing important information in a way that builds mutual trust and respect.
     Teamwork  Contributing individual strengths to achieve the goals of the team.
     Accountability  Accounting for one’s actions and accepting responsibility for the results.
     Continuous  Improvement  Ongoing efforts to improve district processes and results.

    The Valley School District is endowed with numerous strengths that support progress in its mission and ongoing improvement. The Valley School District:

    • Has a culture that is remarkably family oriented. Staff, students, parents and community members all interact with a spirit of mutual support and responsibility.
    • Has highly skilled, dedicated instructional and support staff.
    • Staff is committed to meeting the unique learning and development needs of each student.
    • Is highly collaborative.
    • Staff shares a commitment to quality and continuous improvement.
    • Has innovative and diverse programs that provide choices for families.
    • Has high quality, well maintained facilities.