A message from your Superintendent


    Ben Ferney

    In Valley School District, I am blessed to work with talented and dedicated professionals whose clear and shared purpose is to serve students, parents, and our community. Similar fortune has been evident in every position in which I have been privileged to serve in the past years of my educational career. There is no higher calling than serving in public education, where we serve all students, all families, and the surrounding community.

    Experiencing a pandemic has been very challenging for all of us, and you have likely undergone a variety of emotions; I know I have! We are learning a lot about ourselves, each other, our district, and the community while thinking about the current situation and addressing the shape of future school years. Our Leadership Team and District Office staff have been working tirelessly, and we look forward to working with you as we further develop and adjust the format of our educational services to best serve our kids and families.

    I am reminded daily that my mindset is critical to moving forward in a positive direction. I encourage all of you to seek out a mindset that…

         ...is open to change,

         ...is fluid and flexible,

         ...is okay with not knowing all the answers right now, and

         ...believes we will come out of this situation stronger than before.

    Our attitudes and efforts have been primarily focused on two areas: connection and relationships. Connecting personally with students and families helps sustain our relationships, and these strong relationships are the foundation of a successful school year! I will continue to communicate our progress as we move forward knowing that we are better together.

    Ben Ferney