• School Improvement

    School Improvement is a continuous process schools use to ensure that all students are achieving at high levels. All schools, in collaboration with families, students, and communities, can create better environments so that all students are successful. Continuous improvement of public schools is essential to providing increased student performance and quality results. Innovative, exemplary, and research-based programs, coupled with staff development, focused and aligned resources, and public participation in planning are critical factors in improving schools.

    Research has shown that there is no silver bullet – no single thing that schools can do to ensure high student performance. Rather, high performing schools tend to show evidence of the following nine characteristics:

    1. Clear and Shared Focus
    2. High Standards and Expectations
    3. Effective School Leadership
    4. High Levels of Collaboration and Communication
    5. Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment Aligned with Standards
    6. Frequent Monitoring of Teaching and Learning
    7. Focused Professional Development
    8. Supportive Learning Environment
    9. High Levels of Community and Parent Involvement