• Natalee Reid, from Spokane, WA and married for 13 years to her husband Nick, graduated from Eastern Washington with a BA in Psychology and then earned a Masters in Education in school counseling from Whitworth University. She gained experience working with K-12 students in the Mead and West Valley School Districts, and K-8 in the Valley School in 2012-present. “When given the opportunity to come back to work in the Valley School District and be a part of this community, I did not hesitate. Now I have been able to be part of the team at Paideia High School as well, making my position as the school counselor for the Valley School District feel whole and complete. This truly gives me an opportunity to work with students of all ages and help them to transition into the next level of education. You can reach me by email, natalee.reid@valleyk8 or phone, (509) 937-2696. Please feel free to stop by and say hi, or call or email me if you have any questions regarding your child's education or social and emotional needs. I look forward to working you and your child(s).

     For scholarship opprotunites for your child, please call or email me.  Each year I talk with students about the available scholarships for them and help them sign up for them.