• Angela

    For the 2019-2020 school year, I am the lead teacher for Art, Contemporary World Issues/Civics, Freshman English, and Junior/Senior English. My office phone number is 509-937-2796 and my prep period is third period, from 10:25-11:15, other periods I am either in my classroom teaching, or assisting with other classes. My email address is: angela.jackson-selle@paideiahs.org.


    Mrs. Jackson-Selle first received her teaching certificate and her undergraduate degree in English from Gonzaga University in 1985. She added endorsements in history and theater over the years, as well as somehow achieving an Highly Qualified Teaching certificate in art. In 2000 she earned her masters in teaching from Grand Canyon University. She has taught at both the middle school and high school levels, in classrooms and at a distance, in alternative education and traditional classrooms, in rural areas and the suburbs, for 34 years, give or take. She has been married for the last 35 years, give or take, and is the mother of seven children. She still loves her husband, her children and teaching even after all these years.