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Help all kids learn with an easy-to-use, engaging classroom assessment tool

Better assessment. Better understanding. Better outcomes.

Click here for the Parent & Student Handout, which includes login information. 

Skills Navigator supports educators in the classroom, enabling them to:

  • help students with diverse needs
  • close achievement gaps
  • use data to inform instruction
  • monitor progress for every child

Discover classroom assessment that makes a real difference for students and teachers with Skills Navigator™. NWEA worked closely with educators and students to design this engaging tool that helps teachers close achievement gaps, use data to guide instruction, and support kids with diverse needs.

Designed for grades K – 8, this new classroom assessment system helps you easily accomplish four key tasks:

  • identify the skills studentsare ready to learn,
  • check evidence of skill learning,
  • monitor student progress toward mastery,
  • and provide instructional resources to meet students’ specific needs—on, above, or below grade level.

Intuitive: Skills Navigator has an intuitive design that makes it easy for every student to learn independently and for teachers to track student progress.

Flexible: Teachers can immediately see students’ progress and needs, then adapt instruction to help each individual.

Short: Skills Navigator offers quick assessments that measure progress on discrete skills, making both assessment and instruction more efficient.

Informative: When students use Skills Navigator, you get a wealth of valuable information that’s useful at the student, classroom, school, and district level.

Integrated: Skills Navigator supports your curriculum with instructional resources closely correlated to what students are ready to learn. And if you already use MAP interim assessments, you’ll enjoy integration with MAP

Click here for the Parent & Student Handout, which includes login information.