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Book up Summer

August 08,2016

“Book Up Summer” is teamed with Page Ahead, a statewide program designed to cut the reading achievement gap in half by 2020.  By partnering with Page Ahead, Valley School will be receiving books for three years.  This year, Kindergarten students will each receive 12 books to keep. The district is only responsible for the shipping of the materials and the books are free!!

Next year, Kindergarten and 1st grade students will receive 12 books each and the 3rd year the contribution will include 3rd graders.  The first distribution was a great success and the students were very enthusiastic, each having a great time picking books.

HOW CAN PARENTS HELP?  Ask your child to tell you about each book after they have read it.  For example:

  • What was the book about?
  • Who was your favorite character?
  • Does this book remind you of others we’ve read?
  • If you could write a different ending, what would it be?

One way to encourage your child to read this summer is to show an interest in which books they have chosen and the stories they are reading.  Bring books with you when you head out for summer activities and take turns reading to each other-brothers, sisters, and YOU!