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Joining the Circle of Type I Diabetes Awareness

January 26,2016

In honor of National Diabetes Month in November and a very special kindergarten student, Hazelle Twichell, the kindergarten and first grade classes joined together for some activities to increase everyone’s understanding of Type I diabetes.

Hazelle's parents, Danielle and Larry, were instrumental in preparing this special day. Danielle came to the classes and read two Disney stories to the students featuring the main character, Coco, who is a young child with Type I diabetes. The students got to ask questions and they learned a lot about Type I diabetes and the many things Hazelle and her family have to do and think about to be healthy every day. The Twichell family brought craft supplies for each kindergarten and first grade student to make a blue beaded bracelet with a blue circle, the universal symbol for diabetes awareness, attached.

Teacher Alyssa Bellevue commented, “From my perspective, it was so wonderful to see a family so loving and committed to their daughter. Hazelle is such a vibrant and fun girl, and I felt happy that she was able to share her story with her classmates with the support of her brother and parents.”

Hazelle (left), her brother Kai, and her friends Kallie and Emma all wear their "blue circle" shirts with glee.