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Youth Leadership Month

February 01,2015

This month we will celebrate Youth Leadership Month. Taking time to spotlight youth who are making a difference all over the world in their own communities and beyond. We will be reminded of the simple fact that no matter where we end in up life, we all must start somewhere. We will celebrate Presidents Day on February 16th remembering that our nation’s leaders were once youth in their own communities with an idea that they could have an impact on their world. On February 4th we will celebrate Rosa Parks, an instrumental leader who helped begin the Civil Rights movement, reminding us that the cost of being a leader is to stand, (or sit) for something and inspire others to do the same. As we look at young people who are leading, remember that you also have a voice in your own school or community. You too can start, join, or help sustain a cause if it helps and inspires others.
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